Tuesday, 18 September 2012

So they were married after all!

The long awaited marriage certifcate arrived in the post the other day which confirmed that my Grandad's parents Leonard James Edge and Rosa Lynda Marshall DID get married. As for solving the mystery of their marriage, receiving the certifcate has just caused further questions to be asked. The certifcate shows that they were married in a Register Office "by licence". Was this because she had been married before? I have found a record of a marriage in Medway between a Rose L Marshall and a Frederick Gore in 1924. I have searched through the parish records to see if I can find the entry but it hasn't yielded any results. It looks as if I might have to send away for the certifcate again to see if it is indeed my Rosa. Obviously there is the difference in first name Rose/Rosa which leaves a question mark above the marriage, only actually having the certifcate will answer that question. But then what if it is my Rosa? There will be even more questions to answer about her first marriage and what happened the gentleman in question.

Miss Marshall does not make the journey easy, but she certainly makes it an interesting!

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