About Me.

Hello and welcome! I am Amy and this is my blog about my journey into finding out about my family genealogy. I am very passionate about it, and try to do a little something everyday, although generally that little something soon turns into hours and its midnight before I even realise it! I am mummy to Noah, born August 2011 and am pregnant with baby number 2 due November 2012. Researching my family history is a chance to actually use my brain, which is currently being bombarded with Cbeebies. (Kids TV here in the UK)

Me and my Nan.
I started my family history research with my grandmother (nan) in 2007, we were both very interested in where our family had come from and had heard a few tales that we wanted to explore and find the truth in. I never imagined that our tree would grow so large and wide, and the experience has been amazing. Here is hoping the next five years are just as fruitful.

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